Meet our horses

We have a horse to suit just about every rider
Currently, Cheston has a team of approx 25 horses in the Centre. Our horses are a versatile bunch able to accommodate almost all riders. We have a few more forward and advanced horses for exam training and advanced tuition. All our horses are carefully selected and assessed for safety and suitability and we frequently have new horses and ponies and some for sale that we know and trust. Our team is always changing and there is plenty of choice so you will not see all our horses pictured here.

M’lady Furiosa (Meg)

16,2hh, 2002, Sired by national dressage champion, Maxmillian Voltucky

Meg has been on maternity leave after producing 4 super foals. She will be shortly back in action. Meg has come from an affiliated eventing background and started her career with international rider, Lucy Wiegersma. Meg is a keen jumping 3ft+ and good on the flat. She is an excellent hack for any confident rider, but her skills are most used in training BHS exam students and our staff. Sophie is enjoying jumping her in this picture.

Solstice Drum (Sol)

2003, 16,1hh, Thoroughbred by Classic

Sol has been with the Osborne’s since the tender age of 6 months. He grew up in North Yorkshire alongside Sophie’s dear old horse, Bamba, with Sophie for 22 years, so Sol is a real link with the past! Sol competed to affiliated dressage to Advanced Medium and shows in Riding Horse classes. He is a super hack and ideal for BHS stage 2-4 riders in the arena. He is a much loved goofy character who enjoys a cuddle particularly when having a lie down, which is often!


16.3hh, 1995, Irish Draft x Thoroughbred

Syd came to us in 2008 in order to teach Sophie’s husband, Andrew to ride. Syd is now 24yo but still a fabulous hack and excels in dressage – he still enjoys a jump also.  We discovered Syd’s breeding recently when quite by chance someone recognised his picture above. We know now that Syd’s Grandsire is the famous Irish Draft ‘Skippy’. This makes Syd related to the internationally famous eventing stallion ‘Jumbo’.


16,1hh, 1996, TB x

Reg is a long term loan horse owned by one of our previous instructors, Emma, from the age of 4.  He came to CFEC in 2007 as a livery.

Reg is super with riders from novice to advanced, and ideal for learning as is very correct and responsive but rarely silly.  Reg hacks well, schools well and pops a jump nicely. Reg is 22yo and is beginning to wind down to let the new younger horses learn the trade!  We will miss having him in the Centre team but good to see him enjoying time out in the fields.


15.3hh, 1999, Irish Draft x TB

Finn came to us in June 2009 from a background of hacking and hunting so excelson the moor, but with schooling his flat work and jumping technique has improved greatly and he now jumps 3ft. He is a saint in the school for beginners and novices with a weight carrying ability. A real all round good sort and proud owner of the biggest ears!


Welsh Section D,1995

Scooby joined us (on long term loan) in August 2010 whilst his owner is at University. We adore his handsome Welsh looks. Scooby is a popular in the school for beginner to novices but likes to jump for those more competent. He is a steady safe hack out on lanes and moor and takes the youngest for their first canter. A real good all rounder specialising in taking younger Pony Club riders but with the size and strength to carry taller and heavier riders too.


Movie star hunk, 2005

An exceptionally cute cob-like character but so light on his feet! Affectionately known as Frodo the dodo and other comical names to reflect his charming persona! Frodo joined us as an untouched 3yo in 2008, trained by Sophie, he has a special place in our hearts! We know Frodo was bred on Bodmin moor and started life as a feral foal on the moor above Minions. Frodo is a part-bred Suffolk Punch (a now rare draft breed). A super versatile lunge horse for beginners, he loves the Moor, jumping a small fence and can take our heavier novices and more able riders too!  He is the stuff of legend!


16.2hh, Irish Draft x

Connor is a great member of the team. We found him at Exeter Auction and wondered what such a cracking stamp of horse was doing in an auction! We got him home and discovered he had a few confidence issues with being handled and bridled but with regular riding and correct handling he has overcome all these to become a great addition. Connor schools well and for advanced riders as a jumper (he used to affiliate). He is also a super hack being calm and mannered in the open.

Buying a horse or pony?

CFEC can help you find your dream horse! Occasionally we have horses and ponies for sale, we also hear via ‘the equine grapevine’ of various horses and ponies for sale locally.

We can give you advice on purchase and help you find that dream horse. We offer individual consultation courses on how to wisely and carefully go about horse purchase in ways that could save you a lot of money and heartache! Contact us to find out more.