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Cheston Matching & Sales Service


Cheston Matching & Sales Service: A Horse Buying and Loan With View to Buy Scheme.

This service is primarily available only for CFEC CENTRE CLIENTS to match to CFEC HORSES

Start your journey both physically safe and financially in good hands!

Buying a horse should be the start of an adventure and partnership of a lifetime. Sadly, we have met too many people where it has ended up in tears, broken bones, sometimes worse and the financial and emotional cost has been horrendous. There are good sellers but there are also rogue ‘private’ sellers, agents for dealers and just plain nasty dodgy horse dealers out there! So, we have decided to try and establish a new element to our successful and reputable riding school business based on all our ethical beliefs, professional practices and in the belief that there is room for a top quality pleasant experience. We are offering something quite unique that will prevent you from making painful or expensive mistakes when trying to buy a horse. We can advise you on what to look for; pitfalls and mistakes, tricks that are played by rogues, and even allow you to ‘practice’ viewing and buying a horse on our evening or one day courses. Ultimately, we aim to match you to the right horse : not to sell you just any horse, but to sell you the right horse!


The Magic of Cheston: Different, ultimately safer and sensible! Our thriving riding school is the secret. A new horse or pony arrives to spend months if not years learning his trade at Cheston in a range of centre lessons, Moor Hacks, Beach rides, competitive or schooling outings. Unlike, most places, we use our horses for riding school clients, for staff training or more advanced sport horses are for myself to compete and produce. Almost all our horses therefore have a purpose in the centre and earn an income so we are in no hurry to sell them to the wrong person. We also do not have dangerous or lame horses in our Centre as it would be damaging for our reputation and our clients!  Horses have been thoroughly assessed to be safe enough to join the Centre list (held by our District Authority) and will have been inspected by the District Authority appointed Vet. We want the best for the horses we have bred or bought, loved, trained and invested in over many months.  We will know the horse really well or as much as anyone possibly can!


Loan with View to Buy: Some horses may be available on this basis but to remain strictly on site and loan is for a pre-arranged time. A loan fee is to cover full livery and shoes. Loan horses will remain on the market and will be viewed but you will have first refusal. We also have a selection of horses who may be part or full loan on long term basis and are not available for sale. These horses tend to be our bigger team of advanced riding horses.


Trying Cheston Horses: Viewings take place Monday to Friday 10-4pm and are strictly by appointment. Your first viewing will be booked following phone or face to face consultation so that there should be less risk of time wasted.  Subsequent viewings may require you to make a financial commitment to book lesson or instructor time depending on your level of riding skill. We do not allow riders we do not know to hack out alone in an area you may not know on a horse you do not know.


So what should you do next?  We have lots more information to share with you and to make your first enquiry the best approach is to email us with your height, your weight, accurate assessment of your ability, your dream requirements and an idea of budget. If we have something suitable we will send you our horse list and then at your request, we can email comprehensive information on the horse who most closely matches your requirements. You need to be prepared to have a frank and honest discussion about your skills, confidence, height, weight and budget as well as your arrangements for buying and housing your horse before viewing.


Buying a horse is a huge commitment. You can discuss the costs of purchase and upkeep of horses and if you are new to horse ownership, we can give you a great deal of support here at Cheston either via our LWVTB scheme or via Full Livery on site. Phone support and follow up is part of what we would like to offer you if it is needed after horse purchase.


What we do not do: Sell inappropriate, dangerous, ill, lame or old horses, time-wasting joy riders, payment plans, free riding and multiple free viewings, ponies under 13hh and horses over 17.2hh.  We do not do cheap horses! It will be rare to see anything under £2500 although there may be exceptions and with good reason (which you will be made aware of).


Sophie Osborne BHSII, BHSSM

Fab Sol
Sophie Osborne BHSII
Cheston Farm EC Chief Instructor, owner / manager

Sophie Osborne BHSII is available to help you to find the dream horse whether it is here at Cheston or elsewhere.

Individual consultations and group courses are available in the purchase process, what to expect as an owner, how to ask the right questions, what to look for in the horse and how to avoid the classic ‘tricks’ that many people fall victim too! We also run novice to advanced horse care courses.

We can ‘mock up’ a viewing and you can book to practice viewing and riding as part of a lesson/hack to get valuable feedback and pointers.

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