Group riding and pony care options for children aged 5-16

Cheston Farm Equestrian Centre Pony Club
Our Pony Club is accredited to Pony Club UK

You do not need your own pony and we are open to non-members too. Enjoy all the fun without owning a pony! PC options are available both Saturday and Sunday.

New younger riders can start with private 30 minute starter lessons if required. They will earn their ‘Introduction to Pony Club’ badge. We can lend hats and boots until they are ready for their own. We even have a small on site shop for when you are ready for your own hats and boots!

All riding is taken by Cheston’s staff (BHS/NVQ qualified staff) under the close supervision of Sophie (proprietor/manager, BHSII qualified and first aid trained). Activities are themed around key learning topics towards Pony Club badges and tests and certificates are available for non-members.

In addition, we do special days in school holidays. You can see a flavour of what we offer by following the links:

Pony Club FAQs PDFPrice List
We offer small groups & quality learning, delivered by adult qualified & experienced staff
  • CFEC Pony Club activities are available on several different days and in school holidays including overnight Mini Camp and 3 day Senior Camp
  • Every Saturday and Sunday, we have different options: Mini  PC for youngest beginner / novice riders including lead rein riders; Junior PC 10-1 pm for more experienced riders aged 8-11. Senior PC for very capable 10+ year old riders confident to canter and jump. Senior PC are welcome from 8am to 5pm depending on age. Most attend 9-4pm and assist with the Mini PC lesson.
  • All sessions include riding lesson or hack as appropriate and pony care learning.
  • Weekday Pony Club and Lessons: Phone for latest options
  • SPECIAL DATES: contact us for special events such as in school holidays
What is Pony Club?

Pony Club is a international youth organisation for young people interested in ponies and horses, both the riding and care of them. The CFEC Pony Club activities are open to non-members but to be awarded badges and tests, children must be a member of Pony Club UK. PC extends beyond owning your own pony to encompass passionate and keen riders in riding schools too. For more in-depth information, visit the Pony Club website:

Pony Club UK Website

PC members can learn about horses as well as wider countryside matters and we often include a trip out to broaden learning. Topics include all obvious horsey topics plus learning about nature and wildlife, farms and machinery, star gazing, and even fund raising!

We have an ethic of ensuring all our regulars are achieving goals however small or large and developing life skills and confidence whilst having fun and enjoying their time with us!

How to join Pony Club UK

If you would like to join Pony Club UK, simply come and see us to collect and complete a membership form from Cheston. At the time of writing, PC membership is £31 pa. You do not have to be a PC member to attend but it is essential if your child is a regular.

New to Cheston?

Older more experienced riders must be assessed in a riding school lesson first prior to joining our Pony Club activities. Call to discuss what we offer, perhaps arrange to visit and see our fabulous facilities and whilst here check out the happy ordered atmosphere of learning and safety that we pride ourselves on.

For more information on our Pony Club and Pony Days please call the office on 01364 388188 (you may have to leave a message) or use the information links on this page. You can also use visit our contact page for alternative methods for getting in touch:


Reasons to choose Cheston

We pride overselves on having probably the best facility in the area
We offer a full range of opportunities to suit you:
  • High quality and detailed instruction in private, semi-private or group lessons all at a pace to suit you, your fitness and confidence
  • Evening lessons available on weeknights riding indoors or in floodlit outdoor arena
  • Pony Club accredited centre: Children can join in PC activities at weekends and holidays! See our Pony Club page for more information
  • Hacks for pre-assessed novices or gallop hacks on to Dartmoor from 1-2 hours
  • Beginner riders: adults learn safely in private lunge lessons; children in lead rein group lessons
  • Adult group lessons: Our small group lessons are taught in open order, no following the bum in front and waiting for your turn!
  • Careers or college preparation: BHS exam training available from stage 1-4
Our goal is to deliver a quality & enjoyable experience
  • Our 50×30 indoor arena benefits from training mirrors and a dust free equestrian surface regularly watered and maintained
  • We use BHS qualified & experienced instructors and staff who train and compete regularly themselves
  • We maintain a quiet and horse friendly environment, no unsupervised kids roaming wild