Meet Cheston’s children’s ponies

Calm, safe and fun ponies
Soph, Razz, Ferdi, Ivy, Claude, Lester, Sunny, Billy, Ernie, Candy, Billy. To suit riders young and old.

We generally prefer bigger ponies (13– 15hh) who can be ridden by a range of ages and abilities so they enjoy a better life of more variety. Some of our ponies go out competing and to the beach as well as taking part in gymkhana games and our own competitions. We have 10 ponies suitable for children and some are perfect for small adults too. Some of our ponies are available to buy and others stay for life! We have a few pictured on our website and many pictures on our Facebook page.


14.2hh, Welsh x, 1986

RIP Sherry. We lost our first riding school pony at age 29. A pony born in 1986!  Our old lady was enjoying her work right to the end! A pretty 14.2hh Welsh x mare, she represents all that we look for in an ideal beginner to confident/novice’s pony, she was great on the lead rein, lunge, and used to love to canter and pop a little jump. Sherry has given many children their first experience of canter and never needed kicking on, she was voice trained so the instructor commanded her for children who needed to hold on. A super fast hacking pony, Sherry was a favourite for the younger children and enjoyed a deserved quieter life towards the end.


1995, 14.2hh, Welsh Gelding

One of our first buys Claude is a steady pony who is super on lunge and off. Great at hacking out and loves the moor, Claude is a very handsome pony suitable for child or light / small adult. Claude is calm enough to give riders a first moor canter but is educated enough to teach more experienced small riders too. We have enjoyed taking Claude hunting in the past which he really enjoys and behaves well!


14.2hh, Welsh Gelding

A stunning chestnut pony with a flaxen mane and tail. Sunny is a super jumping pony ridden by any child or adult although he is strong and bouncy! Sunny specialises in jumping anything up to 3ft. Sunny has been a BSJA Pony and we take him out competing too


2006, 14.3hh, Welsh x TB

Sophie joined us in 2012 after a busy competition career in the ownership of our Apprentice, Shannon. She has competed in affiliated disciplines but thrives on a busy riding school schedule. She can do basic to more advanced arena movements and jumps well but needs her waistline watched constantly! Well liked by children, teens and adults.


14.2hh Bodmin Moor bred Cob

Bodmin is 6 years old and came to us as a very wild feral stallion from Bodmin Moor. He is now super for older children and adults too. He is a great in arenas and especially nice to hack. We will move him on to a hacking home soon as he is still young and needs to see more of the world.


11.2hh, a fuzzy sweetheart!

Our smallest pony and ideal for 4-5 year old children. Mini is a lead rein pony fondly known as Min Spins and Mini Mare but her real name is Hollywood Whisselwell!  Mini does a lot of companion work with our bigger mares but enjoys joining in with lessons and hacks.


15hh, Connemara

One of our long term loan ponies, Lester is a super wise old pony quietening down his life from his previous time in a busy Pony Club and Hunting family! He still keeps active with lessons, hacks and loves to pop a small fence nice and steady for younger riders. A real gem in the centre but unfortunately loves the mud!


13.2hh, Welsh B pony

A pony with pretty boy show ring looks and super nature. Razz does confident lead rein riders and our more advanced child riders and smaller adults. He is quite an educated pony and can be quite speedy!

Buying a horse or pony?

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